Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lucky #2

So it's not a recipe, today I decided to post something different. I've been reading this blog which I found from an other blog I love. Whoo I feel fancy. That was my first time turning words into links! Haha, anyway, I was reading the first blog "Carrots n cake" and reading some of her work outs before I went to the gym this morning so I got motivated and decided to make up my own running interval work out and see how it went. Well, it kicked my ass and so today I decided I'd post a work out to change things up :O)

Now I usually get a little self conscious to talk about things that are hard for me work out wise because I feel like everyone else will think it's easy and I will feel lame, but whatever. I'm not a good runner or even an actual runner for that matter, but I like it and my body responds best to short amounts of time due to totally awfully constructed achilles tendins that are far too short, so today I did this:

*2 min walk (3.5)
*2 min jog (5.5)
*2 min walk (3.5)
*2 min jog (6.0)
*2 min walk (3.5)
*2 min run (6.5)
*2 min walk (3.5)
*2 min run (7.0)
*2 min walk (3.5)
*2 min run (7.5)
*3 min walk (3.5....I needed an extra minute and it made the first half an even 30 min)
*2 min run (8.0...OUCH!)
*5 min recovery walk (3.0)
I repeated the whole thing in one minute spurts, then walked 2 min @ 3.5 and because all of the sudden I wanted to prove something to myself sprinted a minute @ 8.5 and looked like a total freak I'm sure haha.

So that took me to 45 min then I just walked @ 3.0 until I hit 4 mi which I decided was a good stopping point which took like an other 8 min. So those of you that are way more in shape than me could def bump up the interval times, add an incline or increase the speeds, but I was pretty surprised at how sweaty and tired I actually got. At 6.5 I was like "I GOT THIS" then at 7.5 I was like "Uhmmm...can I really actually get through 8.0?!" But I CAN and I did and even if you think you can't, I suspect that you can surprise yourself!

I've been in a total on and off work out rut, but today made me feel good! I think I'm getting my motivation back--I hope so anyway! :O)

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