Sunday, September 4, 2011

A change is comin'!

Hello, lovely readers! Those of you that know me have probably noticed a fairly significant change in the blog recently--It went from a place I would occasionally post recipes with very little effort, and as I've read other healthy living blogs and become passionate about sharing more of my journey with others, I have changed from my "Skinnified recipes" to posting more about life in general and how I choose to live it.

So lately I have been really hot and cold on the blog name--I think it's cute and catchy and still consider many of my recipes to be "skinnified", but I feel like the name can give the wrong impression. I'm not skinny. I don't want to be skinny. I am healthy and I of course I have goals in terms of my body that I haven't achieved yet, but skinny isn't one of them.

Soooo....I'm changing the name AND moving to my own domain! Holla!

The blog will stay focused on healthy living (mind, body, spirit), my life, and of course Winston and Clementine! I hope you all will continue to read and over at.....

!!! !!!

It's not 100% set up yet, but should be by tomorrow so excuse the dust in the move--I will be back ASAP! :O)

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