Monday, February 28, 2011

Skinny Mini Cheesecakes

Probably my fav skinnified dessert to date! I was looking for a dessert to make for Steve for Valentines Day and looked up some no bake cheesecake recipes and then kind of made this one up from reading a couple. Sooo easy and sooo delicious! And there's two versions that I'm going to post, but you could do so many things with it!

Chocolate version:
1 8oz block reduced fat cream cheese, softened (you could prob even do fat free if you wanted to cut more, but I haven't tried it)
1 tub fat free cool whip, softened
Approx 1/4 cup splenda (you could do more or less depending on how sweet you like fact I didn't measure. I just poured little amounts in until it was the right sweetness for me)
Approx 2 tbs splenda brown sugar blend
1 tsp vanilla
2 packets diet hot cocoa (the 25 calorie kind)
1 sugar free dark chocolate bar, chopped (Trader Joe's has the best ones!)

With a hand or stand mixer, blend cream cheese with splendas. Add vanilla. Fold in cool whip. When the cool whip is incorporated, add in the hot cocoa powder and mix with a spatula, then fold in chopped chocolate. Evenly divide between 12 lined muffin tins and chill for about 2 hours. When you're ready to eat, top with fat free whipped cream and a drizzle of sugar free chocolate syrup! Or you can eat them with no topping because they are still delicious!


Follow exact same directions except swap the 2 packets of diet hot cocoa with approx 2 tbs (or to taste) or sugar free mocha mix.

Each cheesecake has about 140 calories. Yummmm! Enjoy!

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