Saturday, June 11, 2011

I like lunch

Sometimes I just put something super easy together and it ends up being delicious, but I forget to tell anyone because it doesn't really seem like cooking haha. Today I had a super delicious, healthy and filling lunch that I will probably end up repeating for like a week haha.

*1 sun dried tomato extreme wellness tortilla
*1 wedge lite laughing cow garlic herb cheese
* 1 tbs light ranch dressing
*3ish oz grilled chicken breast
*sliced red pepper
*diced tomato

When Steve and I are on top of things, we keep grilled chicken breast on hand so this yummy wrap took me about 5 min to put together. Just spread the laughing cow on the tortilla, chop up the other stuff and put it on top and roll it up and enjoy for a lovely 250 calories!

Also, has anyone else ever tried A&W diet cream soda? Delicious. Some night this week I will be making a cream soda float with some fat free vanilla bean fro yo!

And get ready and excited for tomorrow because I will be posting skinnified versions of the salted oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and sour cream cranberry bars that I am making for the Tony Awards party!

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