Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Skinny "Egg McMuffins" 2 ways

Who doesn't love an Egg McMuffin? It's one of those things I was really excited when I learned to recreate and now am extra excited that I figured out a South Beach Phase 1 friendly version. For anyone not familiar, the first phase of South Beach is like an actually healthy version of Atkins-no starches but you don't eat like 10 pieces of bacon for breakfast. All meats and cheeses have to be lean. So here's version 1 with starches:

*1/2 double fiber whole wheat english muffin
*2 egg whites
*1 piece turkey bacon
*1 slice reduced fat any cheese you like (I like this version with sharp cheddar)

So for this one you need those little circular things that hold the egg on your pan. Spray the pan and the circular things liberally and drop egg whites inside 1 circle egg holder. Add salt and pepper to taste. Cook at medium heat until the egg begins to firm up and you are able to take away the holder without it falling apart. On a separate pan, cook your bacon. Once the egg is released and set almost all the way through (with very little liquid still at the top) flip, top with cheese and muffin and cook for an other few seconds, then transfer to a plate and top with turkey bacon!

Comes out @ 200 calories-if you're really hungry you could double it and use the whole muffin, but foods like cheese add up and if you doubled, I would recommend sticking at 1 piece of cheese to keep it @ 320 rather than 400.

My fancier South Beach friendly Egg McMuffins:

*3 egg whites
*2 slices canadian bacon (don't tell my dad!)
*1/4 cup imitation lump crab meat
*1/4 cup spinach, chopped
*1 slice reduced fat cheese (I use Havarti for this one)
*1 tbs fat free cream cheese
*dash almond milk
*garlic powder

Beat egg whites with dash almond milk, mix in chopped spinach and crab meat (I just break the crab meat apart by hand, but you can also chop it). Drop into 2 circular egg holders on a pan (greasing both the pan and holders well before hand). Add salt, pepper and garlic powder to taste (it would also taste good with some basil I bet!). Cook on medium heat. Meanwhile spread 1/2 tbs fat free cream cheese on each slice of canadian bacon. When eggs are set, remove holders. Flip when cooked almost all the way through. Top one egg with cheese followed by canadian bacon and the other with just the other slice of canadian bacon. Allow to sit until the cheese starts too melt. Transfer cheesy one to the plate first bacon side down and top with non cheesy one. This one I use a fork and knife but Steve still just picked his up like a sandwhich lol.

This one comes in a liiiiittle higher at 230 calories, but for a breakfast that will keep you full throughout the day that's packed with protein, totally worth it! If you don't normally keep crab meat in the house, it's still delicious without and you save yourself 40 calories. Enjoy!

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