Tuesday, August 30, 2011

5, 4, 3, 2, 1!

Ok so I admit when I was like 16 I was hooked on those silly forwards where you would answer all the questions about yourself. Seriously, I filled out like every single one. So when I saw this on a few other blogs this morning, I couldn't resist a chance to talk about myself. Yes, I am a little self involved and sometimes I am that person that loves to go on and on about themselves--it's an inherent trait that I try to fight *most* of the time, but really isn't a blog just that--a big open space to talk about yourself? That must be why I have one. I blame it on the theatre career. Feel free to re-post or leave comments with your answers :O)

5 words that describe you:

1) Silly
2) Sensitive
3) Goal oriented
4) Emotional...maybe this should be #1 haha
5) Child-like

4 favorite foods:

Ummm, can the answer be everything? :O)

1) Nut butters--All of them! Peanut, Sunflower, Almond--I could eat them by the jar!
2) Fro yo--need I say more?
3) Cilantro. It makes everything more delicious!
4) Cookies! Obviously I have a sweet tooth.

3 things I'm most proud of:

1) My senior showcase
2) Following my dreams (in case you didn't know this theatre biz is HARD!)
3) I feel like I am a good friend. It's a hard thing to put in writing because then I think of all of those times that I'm a less than perfect friend, but I didn't say I was perfect--but I am good at friendship and I think the amazing people that have stayed in my life (a special few for 10+ years!) proves that this is one thing I am good at, and I think that is something to be proud of!

2 favorite workouts:

1) Dance!!! Obviously.
2) Spin, but on a day I'd just taken body works, I might say that :O)

1 thing to expect from my blog:

Ummm...RECIPES! Of course :O)

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