Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Healthy living blogs

Confession: I have recently become mildly obsessed with reading healthy living blogs. Doesn't that seem like the coolest thing ever to have your job be writing about your food and work outs? I would love that! Anyway, I've gotten tons of great recipes and tips from them, and I wanted to share in case anyone else was as nerdy as me and wanted to check them out. I follow an embarrassing amount but my favs are

Carrots N Cake for many reasons including the fact that Tina is super funny and has the cutest little pug in the world and if there is anything I'm more obsessed with than food, it's puppies!

Kath Eats because she works at a Great Harvest Bread Co!! If you haven't been, you must. So delicious.

Food Fitness Fashion because in addition to her food and work outs, she takes pictures of her outfits and says where she got everything! Also, pretty much all her basics are from places like Old Navy which makes me inner thrifty Jew self happy :O)

Healthy Food For Living This one is purely for recipes. She doesn't post much about her life and I find most of what she writes even about her cooking process not the most interesting, but her recipes are amazing.

So for several reasons I decided to delete what was formerly my "personal life" blog. Mostly because I started to feel a little ridiculous having more than one and was having way more fun writing in this one, but I am hoping to change this one up a little bit to be more of a whole life blog with an emphasis on recipes (isn't that what my life basically is--life with an emphasis on food? haha)

Today after the gym I made a trip to the second happiest place on earth (obviously Disney Land cannot be beat) Whole Foods! Yes you can judge me for how excited I get about Whole Foods, but it's expensive and I don't get to buy things there all that often. It's like the Anthropologie of grocery stores! And I stocked up on some things for a few culinary experiments I'm hoping to try!

1) Chia seeds! Everyone is talking about them. They're supposed to be really good in oatmeal, and I have been on a total oatmeal kick lately ever since trying oats in a jar! I can't wait for breakfast tomorrow!
2) Nutritional yeast. Ok, I'm a little skeptical about this one. I'll be honest, it does not smell appetizing. But nutritionally it has a lot going for it. Before the end of the week I plan on baking my own tortilla chips, cooking up some ground turkey breast with taco seasoning and some black beans and making this sauce with the nutritional yeast for some skinnified nachos. I hope it doesn't suck.
3) Red fat goats milk. Inspired by one of my favorite people on earth (John Moum!) I am going to make my own goat cheese! Steve is excited for this adventure too :O)

That is definitely enough to keep me busy through the weekend. Along with creating lesson plans for Mesa Arts Academy, reading Dreyfus in Rehearsal, seeing the preview of Glee 3D tonight (judge away!), family din on Friday, Wet and Wild on Sat, and some time fitting in 4 hours to watch the finale of SYTYCD!

Lastly, now that I have my mornings free again, I am taking full advantage of the classes at my gym! I am still sore today from Monday's Body Works and tomorrow I'm getting my butt back into Spin!! The goal is a Body Works, Spin and Yoga class every week, 3 days of my own thing focusing especially on my wimpy biceps and shoulders, and one rest day. I am back to feeling pumped and motivated! I hope it lasts!

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