Monday, August 29, 2011

Healthy vs. Skinny

I have a confession. The truth is I am not at my goal weight. Still actually a whopping 25 lbs away to be honest. Sometimes I have to fight embarrassment when trying to write a blog about healthy recipes and healthy living in general. It gets so easy for me to invalidate my progress with the fact that I'm not skinny, and I'm not currently losing weight--I'm just kind of sitting in the plateau and allowing that to be okay.

It's funny every time I whine at the doctor's office about how I eat healthy and I work out and I count my calories (well back when I did--RELIGIOUSLY), they always say to me "Well, you're perfectly healthy. Maybe this is just where your body wants to be." And I look at them in utter shock each time thinking "Did you see the scale when you just weighed me?!?! You must be mistaken." Every time. I'm not sure what exactly I'm expecting them to say, really.

I feel like there is so much stigma in our society about healthy meaning skinny and vice versa. It's funny because I know plenty o' skinny minis that are far from healthy. It also goes back to the fact that health is so much more than 1 dimensional. Mind, body and spirit. Multi-dimensional. Of course non of us are perfect and making perfectly healthy choices in every area 100% of the time--we're human, but I feel like being healthy means actively striving to make the best choices every day to be the best that we can be in mind, body and spirit.

Which leads me to an other thought I've been having. I chose the name "Skinnified" for my blog when I wanted it to be all about the food and the recipes. And honestly, I never thought it would be something I'd want to put much time into, but the more I write, the more I discover that what I actually want it to be about is me--more specifically how my journey can help others discover their own journey. I feel like I have a lot to share and others have a lot to teach me. I want to be a resource for others who want to make a change.

I remember when I first started changing my eating habits, I felt clueless and helpless. I had no idea how to eat healthily or how to work out. It's sad that I was 23 years old with absolutely no knowledge. I don't think she even realizes it, but my friend Mandie was one of the most influential people in helping me to achieve my goals and make better choices. She answered all of my questions without ever once making me feel stupid or inferior for not knowing. She was a resource filled with information and I trusted her to be able to ask the simplest of questions like "Why do some people not eat red meat? What's the difference?"

Anyway, back on the topic of blog names--now that it's about me and my focus is far from being skinny--should I change the blog name? Any suggestions?

And just for fun and to remind myself that my 70 lbs lost is nothing to feel embarrassed about,


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