Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Somebody call the waaaahhhhmbulence!

My legs are screaming! And I am a big fat baby. Steve has no sympathy--some loving husband he is! :O) He said "You subjected yourself to it." Ugghhh BOYS!

Yesterday I took bodyworks--my second time back after a way too long hiatus. Usually after bodyworks I am way to sore to do much of anything the next day other than walk uphill on a treadmill pretending I'm actually exercising and giving myself consolation points for going to the gym, but todaayyyyy, I got my lazy bum to spin class courtesy of my fav Dobson and Warner Starbucks barista turned friend turned group aerobics buddy Kara who did not let me off the hook this morning when I whined about being sore! Thanks Kara!

Today's class was super motivating. The teacher was amazing and kept everything really fast paced so I had hardly any time to think about how angry my legs were! Actually at the time, most of it felt really good and like it was loosening me up after yesterday's hour of squatting and lunging in bodyworks. I find that I love my workouts the most and am the most motivated when I go to classes regularly. Everyone is different, but having an instructor to push me and being around others brings out my competitive side and I almost always bring my A game.

I left today not only wanting to participate in a 62 mile ride for Diabetes in March, but also with the hint of wanting to train for a triathalon. I'm not making any commitments yet, but I have been wanting to do some sort of race or event for a long time and since my body is not much of a fan of running, it's always been this idea that's been put on the back burner or the "Oh that would be nice, but will never happen" category. But I think it's definitely something I need to do for me. I need to show myself how far I've come and what I can accomplish when I put my mind to it.

Tomorrow I have cardio and yoga on the agenda and then spin again on Thursday! I love planning and getting excited for my work outs and I love that I am finally feeling pumped about the gym again!

Thursday in spin the teacher said "I know your legs are getting tired, I feel ya, but when mine are at the point when I want to give up I just think to myself 'I wanna look good naked!'"

I loved that. When the idea of accomplishment and thoughts of the after work out endorphins just aren't cutting it (like oh say at gear 20), there's always that. Who doesn't want to look better naked?

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