Thursday, August 11, 2011

I feel like we all get stuck in ruts sometimes where we just feel like everyone in the world hates us. No? Just me? Okay, well sometimes I get stuck in a rut and I feel everyone in the world hates me. I'll admit it. Today without thinking about it, I reached out to a friend that I have been meaning to reach out to for a long time--nothing big, just posted on his facebook and told him I loved him (Kyle, if you read this, your kind words to me are basically to thank for my big turn around in mood--even months later they still make my heart happy!) and I realized how much better I felt after just getting over myself and telling a friend they are important.

It's funny, often times when I start to get that feeling like nobody likes me and everyone wishes I weren't around, when I put myself out there and do something to make someone else hopefully not feel that way, I feel a lot lot lot better. I understand that the crappy feelings are mostly fabricated thoughts from my head and not how anyone feels, but the more time you spend inside your head, the easier it is to get trapped in there.

Thank goodness for amazing things like spin class to get me out of my head! There are a handful of things that almost always take me out of my head and allow me to see a clear picture (in other words--feel better). They are an amazing work out, doing nice things for other people, and baking--but only when I give the baked goods away so I guess that falls under the second one. One thing that I have always hated about our society, myself included, is that is so much more socially acceptable to judge others (I would be a big fat liar if I said I didn't do this) than to compliment. I mean there are so many positive things that I really do think of others--strangers, friends, family, acquaintances--that I never say because I feel embarrassed. My goal is to GTFOI and just be a better person. I know it sounds vague, but it is exactly what I need to do right now to feel good about me. Is it weird that I feel better complimenting others than receiving compliments? Man I SUCK at that part. Oh well, one step at a time.

Anyway, I tried the chia seeds in my oatmeal today. Not so sure what I think. I didn't notice too big of a difference while eating, but I felt like they left kind of a strange after taste. Nothing I'm not willing to put up with for the nutritional benefits, but I was just kind of hoping they would taste amazing. Oh well, I do actually think they made a difference as far as the lasting power of my breakfast. Oats + almond milk + water + yogurt + blueberries + peanut butter + protein powder + chia = still full over an hour after a super intense spin class! Works for me!

Word on the street is, the Chipotle by my house now has cilantro lime BROWN RICE!!!! I know where I'll be for lunch time...!

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